Hair Care Tips

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Hair Care Tips

• Be gentle with detangling your hair 

If your hair is matted or tangled use olive oil or argon oil on the area. Always us a wide tooth comb before applying water.

• Shampooing your hair 

Do not use shampoo containing alcohol, parabens, or sulfate. These ingredients reduce moisture.

• Conditioning your hair

Do not use conditioner containing alcohol, parabens, or sulfate. Apply conditioner to your hair, place the hair in a plastic bag for 30-45 minutes and seal it. This will create heat and allows the product to better absorb.

• Rinse your hair

Be sure to rinse all the product out with cold water it will help seal in moisture. Let the hair air dry.

• Heat on your hair

Do not use heat products every day. It can cause hair to become dry and brittle. Which will cause breakage. Always use a heat protect if you must use heat.

• Tie your hair up

Do not go to bed without tying your hair up. Tie it loosely, this will help reduce tangling.

• If your hair has been worn for a long period of time 

If your hair becomes stiff deep condition your hair. If your ends are dry use olive oil or argon oil while conditioning.

Enjoy your hair and thanks for your support!