1. How much hair is each bundle?
Answer :
Each bundle of hair is approximately 95-100 grams.
2. How many bundles will I need?
Answer :
You will need approximately 2-3 bundles of hair 10”-18’. However, for straight hair and longer lengths 20’’- 26” you may need an extra bundle.
3. What will reduce heat damage on my hair?
Answer :
When using heating products always use a heat protectant.
4. How long will it take to get my products?
Answer :
All products will be shipped as soon as possible. You will have your package within 5-7 days.
5. Does Amazing Beauty Essentials LLC ship to P.O. Boxes?
Answer :
We do not ship to P. O. Boxes. Ensure your address is correct.
6. Payment?
Answer :
We except many forms of payments they are list on the home screen. However, your payment address and mailing address must match.
7. Can I make changes to my order?
Answer :
Orders cannot be altered once payment is received.
8. Are there refunds?
Answer : All sales are final! There are no refunds or exchanges.
9. Can the hair be colored?
Answer : Yes, you can dye all of hair to achieve the color you are seeking. If you use dye always condition your hair to increase moisture.
10. How long does the hair last?
Answer : Our hair will last you at least 9- 12 months with the proper care. Shampooing and conditioning your hair will give you the best results.
11. Help!
If you should need help with anything just let us know! Email: amazingbeautyessentials@gmail.com Phone # 702-755-2168 Mon-Fri 9am- 5pm PST
12.Undeliverable packages and incorrect addresses
Answer: If your package is shipped and undeliverable or the address is incorrect no refund will be issued. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure we have the proper information.
13.If you order the wrong products it is out of our hands.
Answer: We want you to be happy however, if you order the wrong products it is out of hands once it has been shipped. If it is our mistake, we will make every attempt to satisfy you!
14.Returned payments
Answer: Once a payment is returned for insufficient funds or fraud action will be taken. You will not receive the products!
15.Delivery errors and tracking
Answer: If the delivery company makes a mistake while delivering your product you will need to contact them directly. You will be given tracking information so you can stay informed about your delivery.